Xiaomi rejects a partnership with a Bitcoin-accepting retailer in Portugal

Xiaomi rejects a partnership with a Bitcoin-accepting retailer in Portugal

This year, a variety of platforms entered the crypto-verse. As a result, there was no surprise when Xiaomi entered the cryptocurrency business. The Chinese electronics store, on the other hand, seemed taken aback.

This year, the cryptocurrency industry’s value and appeal reached new heights. The market was enjoying a protracted period of bullishness. This enticed a number of well-known companies to enter the sector. The latest crash did not have a significant impact on the sector because large platforms remained engaged in the market.

A Mi Store in Portugal has begun to take bitcoin payments, according to a recent Facebook post. The store will take roughly five cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin [BTC], Ethereum [ETH], Dash [DASH], Tether [USDT], and the Utrust [UTK] token, according to the post. Xiaomi products, smartphones, vacuum cleaners, smartwatches, and electric scooters would all be available for purchase.

Pedro Maia, the head of marketing at Mi Store Portugal, spoke about it and said,

“We are a brand that is technologically advanced, innovative, and revolutionary. That is why we strive to be one step ahead of the competition. We want to give all true technology enthusiasts the opportunity to buy their favorite gadgets with what is present “the most technological money.” 

Xiaomi will not take crypto

The platform quickly debunked the claim which issued a statement on Weibo. A Xiaomi spokeswoman stated there was no affiliation between Mi Store Portugal with the Chinese electronics firm. Rather, the store was a third-party approved partner conducting business in Portugal on its own.

“We are concerned about the knowledge that Mi Store Portugal supports digital currency payments on abroad social platforms,” the representative continued.


Movine Oduor