Messi Signs a Deal With PSG and Joins the Crypto World

Messi Signs a Deal With PSG and Joins the Crypto World

Lionel Messi, a well-known footballer, has generated a lot of news recently. His departure from Barcelona and subsequent transfer to Paris Saint-Germain enraged many of his football fans. While a two-year deal secured his admission to PSG, it was also rumored that a portion of the money would be made in crypto.

Over the years, a variety of sectors have dabbled in and studied the crypto-verse. The demand for cryptocurrency, particularly in the sports industry, has always been high. 

A number of athletes have expressed interest in digital assets by taking cryptocurrency as payment. This number has unquestionably risen this year. Messi will receive a portion of his reward in the $PSG Fan Token, while others have been observed collecting payments in Bitcoin [BTC] or other popular assets.

Messi will be compensated in $PSG Fan Tokens

Following a partnership with Socios, the Paris Saint-German team launched the PSG token in February 2020. After signing a contract with PSG, the team reportedly revealed that Messi had amassed a large number of PSG fan tokens.

Marc Armstrong, PSG’s chief partnerships officer, remarked on the matter, saying,

“We were able to generate a significant digital revenue stream by engaging with a new global audience.”

The PSG token’s value surged after this announcement. Just two days ago, the altcoin hit an all-time high of $61.23. However, at the time of writing, the coin was trading at a low of $40.31, reflecting a 5.43 percent drop in the preceding 24 hours. Popular crypto exchanges such as Upbit Korea and Binance have accepted this fan coin.

The adoption of bitcoin by a well-known footballer like Messi might give the crypto industry a much-needed boost.


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