LaikaCoin: Created in Honor of the First Dog in Space

What is LaikaCoin?

What is LaikaCoin (LAIKA)?

Just like Dogecoin, LaikaCoin is a decentralized finance meme token named after the first dog that landed in space. Furthermore, this token combines RFI Tokenomics and an auto-liquidity generating protocol.

If you aren’t familiar with what an RFI is, in full it stands for Request For Information. Moreover, an RFI is a common business process that gathers written information about the abilities of different suppliers. For the most part, it follows a format for comparison purposes. RFIs mainly collect useful information that will for hours on end, help make decisions on the steps to take next.

On every transaction, LAIKA’s protocol locks five percent of it into the liquidity pool. Also, amongst the coin holders, each holder receives three percent of the scheduled distribution as a static reward.

The inception of LAIKA took place on April 16th, 2021 and it was first launched into the market for sale four days later.

The History of Laika

Laika was a Soviet space dog that became one of the first animals that landed in space. It was also the first animal to orbit the earth. In addition, the Soviet spacecraft, Sputnik 2, which launched into outer space on 3rd November 1957, chose Laika, a stray mutt, from the streets of Moscow, Russia, to participate.

Even though Laika the dog had a tragic ending, her contribution to the advances of scientific research is immeasurable. Adding to that, the sacrifice she made has helped many humans and animals alike.

The main goal for creating the LaikaCoin project was to honor all animals forcefully taking part in research and testing as well as bring awareness to the sacrifices these animals made for the sake of humanity.

Laika's founders hope that by creating an amazing community, the project will not only honor animals like Laika but also continue to help those in need as well as educate the general population. Furthermore, education can be through their exciting Tokenomics, community content, upcoming charities, or through any other means.

What’s LaikaCoin’s Unique Selling Proposition?

The RFI Tokenomics Laika use provides a limit to high-frequency trading while the three percent shared offers a cushion and acts as a safety net between large institutional investors and retail investors. A five percent burn contributes to an increasing price floor intending to help investors for hours on end.

LAIKA’s Security

Liquidity for LAIKA is protected in a Dxlock and Laikacoin’s developers renounce the ownership of the contract. However, if you don’t know what Dxlock is, it’s a cross-chain decentralized token locker. It’s currently available for the Ethereum blockchain and the Binance Smart Chain. The prime function of the Dxlock is to manage or lock liquidity.

What’s Laika Coin Going For? Laika Coin Price

The price of LAIKA as of May 3, 2021, is $0.000591 for a single LaikaCoin token. In Bitcoin, its price is 0.000000010 BTC. Its daily all-time high averages $0.00874.

Where to buy Laika Coin

There are THREE main platforms you can buy or even trade LaikaCoin:

1. Pancake Swap

2. Token Store

3. CREX24

What’s LAIKA’s Market Cap

LAIKA ranks #5,472 with a maximum circulating coin supply of one quadrillion. 50 billion of the tokens were burned and a reasonable launch of 500 billion tokens. LaikaCoin’s developers reserved four percent for promotion and marketing activities.

Laika Coin Official Website

To learn more about LAIKA and its road map, visit its official website at laikato. space.

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