Cryptomeda (TECH) Merges Chainlink VRF on Polygon Network

To produce randomized properties, TECH┬áhas incorporated Chinlink’s proprietary Verifiable Random Function (VRF) on the Polygon blockchain network. The oracle network of Chainlink is entirely decentralized and among the best in the business. As a result, the assimilation will strengthen the security of the source of randomized characteristics generation and make it auditable enough for equitable and verifiable prize distribution. This method, Cryptomeda hopes, will result in a user-friendly, appealing, and forgery-resistant experience. Clients will be able to gamble and play games with complete confidence in the system.


Cryptomeda is a huge and unique fantasy-themed universe of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that arose from the necessity to help crypto enthusiasts get expertise with NFTs. The universe is made up of NFTs based on real-life people and the most prominent crypto events. NFTs from Cryptomeda are all based on cross-game resources.

Cryptomeda Demonstrates the Need for NFTs

The ever-increasing nature of the Cryptomeda ecosystem will further demonstrate the need for NFTs, as well as establishing a long-term relationship with clients by rewarding them. In their most popular game, Meda Wars, for example, users can fight using NFT cards to gain early access to NFT launches, level up, and win TECH tokens. In its market area, the company also enables card trading.


However, it is critical to ensure that the incentive system is fair, transparent, and auditable by users independently, necessitating the adoption of a tamper-proof Random Number Generator such as Cryptomeda. Chainlink’s VRF is excellent for smart contracts because it was developed only after extensive academic research and its oracle network has shown to be reliable. The Cryptomeda smart contract will not accept data sent over Chainlink VRF unless it is tamper-proof. As a result, consumers may be certain that no one, including the core team, will be able to compromise the Cryptomeda chain’s security.

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