Crypto Day Trading: A Beginner’s Guide to Day Trading Crypto

Crypto Day Trading: A Beginner’s Guide to Day Trading Crypto


You are probably reading this because you're inquisitive about making a profit through trading. Here, we aren't just talking about conventional trading in currency pairs, we’re specifically discussing cryptocurrencies.

Before moving forward to the juicy part (making a profit through crypto day trading), you ought to first know and understand the essential terms employed in the industry:

Common Terminology:

Day Trading: because the name suggests, ‘day trading involves making dozens of trades in an exceedingly single day. Traders typically base decisions on technical analysis and complex charting systems.

Crypto Day trading: this kind of trading involves the buying and selling of cryptocurrency CEOs, or the exchange of fiat currency into crypto through this similar buying and selling process.

Fiat Money: this kind of cash has dominated the criterion for the previous few centuries. It’s typically folding money that's backed by a national government. However, examples like the Tenino Wooden Dollar have deviated from the quality.

Now that you just know and understand the terms mostly employed in crypto day trading, it is time to delve into the technical part of crypto day trading.

Best Time to Day Trade Crypto

Before delving into the most effective time to day trade crypto, let's first briefly discuss how day trading works. As explained earlier, day trading is that the act of shopping for and selling securities (in this case, cryptocurrency) within a trading day.

Even though it can occur in any marketplace, day trading is most typical within the stock exchange and interchange (commonly referred to as Forex).

The world’s most successful day traders are highly educated as they have to grasp the ability of leverage and short-term trading strategies. The trading strategies maximize price movements that occur in highly volatile markets.

Factors that may cause price fluctuations to include:

  • Breaking news
  • Job reports/ unemployment rates
  • Earnings reports
  • New product features
  • Competitor announcements
  • Industry changes

Day traders use a spread of intraday strategies to create decisions and that they include:

  • Scalping: This strategy aims at making numerous small profits on smile price changes during the entire day.
  • Range trading: This trading strategy uses resistance and support levels to work out purchase and sell decisions.
  • News-based trading: because the name suggests, this trading strategy simply makes decisions betting on the market news.
  • High-frequency trading (HFT): this kind of strategy uses a classy algorithm to use small and short-term market ineffectualness (producing undesired results).

What are the characteristics of a crypto day trader or being a crypto day trader?

Characteristics of a crypto day trader

For you to become a successful crypto day trader, there are some factors or characters you ought to aim to acquire:

1. Knowledge and knowledge within the crypto market

For you to become an efficient crypto day trader, you must be conversant in the market and have an enormous knowledge of cryptocurrency behaviors. You should have the power to grasp the factors that affect the rising and falling of its price (value). You ought to moreover have experience in forex trading so you'll be able to get a hang of how trading works.

2. Must have sufficient capital

Crypto day traders and customarily, day traders should have a venture or risk capital. This refers to the cash that they'll afford to lose. Moreover, having working capital prevents and protects the traders from falling into insolvency.

3. Have a strategy

As a crypto day trader, you must have a grip over the remainder of the market. The several different trading strategies cryptocurrency day traders use are:

  • Swing Trading
  • Arbitrage
  • Trading news

These strategies are refurbished to form consistent profits and limit losses. Each of the aforementioned strategies has varying risk factors and returns.

4. Be Disciplined

Let's face it, without discipline success in crypto day trading is doomed to fail. Whether or not you've got a profitable strategy and no discipline, you'll still incur many losses.

5. Have multiple news sources

You must be up-to-date with what happens within the crypto and forex market. This may offer you insights to use in your trading sessions.

6. Have access to analytical software

Despite this being an upscale necessity for several day traders, this could improve to be a worthwhile investment. Swing traders rely more on this than on news.

7. Access to a trading desk

As a crypto day trader, you ought to have simultaneous access to any or all trading equipment that will facilitate your make swift decisions and act in real-time.

When is that the best time to day trade crypto?

Trading cryptocurrencies can encourage be a good bit. Especially if you are not aware of any trading strategy. The high volatility of cryptos isn't only a window of a spread of opportunities, but it could even be a doorway to a lot of suffering, and losses if you aren’t too careful.

So, when is that the appropriate time to day trade cryptocurrency? Let's jump into it.

1. Asian morning: 1:00 to 7:00 GMT:

A considerable fraction of crypto trading takes place in the Republic of Korea, then does lots of stories that shift the markets. The activity, steered by controls in Seoul, by crypto-exchanges, or by other market-moving incidents, is often crazy within the early hours of the morning and more precisely, even as Korean banks open at 9:00 civil time which is 00:00 GMT.

At 7:00 GMT, European traders get prepared for the day, and that they may assess occurrences in Asia and possibly take a unique view. While we may have trading chances also at these times, moves could also be fairly less predictable.

2. European mid-morning to the American mid-morning: 9:00 to 16:00GMT:

Forex traders understand that there are also active hours which the delivery of Yankee news around 13:30 and 15:00 GMT may be difficult.

But within the realm of digital/decentralized coins, these hours can contain lower volume when Asians stall within the evening and Americans are primarily awake only on the geographical region. The news may stream, then rates of coins may vary, but there's a lower possibility for unpleasant shocks.

3. American afternoon to early American evening 18:00 to 23:00 GMT:

After an oversized portion of the action calms down within the geographical area and Asia is thick within the night, stuff may silence. For some, it should be too calm to present trading opportunities, but the danger of nasty surprises is additionally reduced.

Closer to the Asian morning, as Australia and New Zealand awake, there is also supplementary action, but the threat of surprises hops only if the cycle fulfills its completion and Koreans are active all over again.

Now that you simply are accustomed to the time(s) to trade cryptocurrency, it is time to own a glance at the crypto day trading signals.

Crypto Day Trading Signals

Crypto day trading signals are trading indications or trade recommendations to long (buy) or short (sell) a particular coin at a novel price and time. These trade signals are produced either manually by an experienced trader, or by trading algorithms and bots that deliver the trade signals automatically.

Normally, the trade signals have also fastened a take profit and a shielding stop loss. Practically, your back is roofed from all sides.

Presently, many crypto trading outlets allow copy trading. If you think about your trading skills you'll use these crypto trading outlets to share this with other traders and earn extra profits.

There are free day trading crypto signals, but if you wish for something more credible you would like to pay a subscription fee to a crypto signal service provider. There are monthly subscription plans, quarterly subscription plans, and annual subscription plans.

That said, a crypto signal service provider will mail you the trade signal onto your email, smartphone, and thru other fastest norms of communication. The cryptocurrency day trading signals are conveyed in a precise manner so you'll have the benefit of them.

To recap, crypto day trading signals are quite essential once you are trading cryptocurrencies. With the new developments, you'll be able to now copy crypto day trade, as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does one conduct a crypto day trade?

Day trading as aforementioned earlier refers to creating dozens of trades within one day. To crypto day trade, make use of the trade signals, copy trade, or make use of special and complex software to form profits and limit losses to the maximum amount possible.

2. Can you make money day trading crypto?

While some sophisticated and/ or lucky traders have made thousands if not millions of day-trading, others don't seem to be as lucky. 40% of traders who begin to day trade only stay for as long as 1 month, and 80% quit within the primary two years. Then they stop trading altogether or choose another trading strategy.

3. Can you day trade crypto?

Anyone can day trade crypto, however, first, you wish to dedicate the correct training, education, and discipline before sinking all of your money. It’s easy to lose money day trading cryptocurrency, in fact, in line with Cointelegraph, 95% of day traders lose money and fail.

Patience is extremely important, and it’s commencing to become a rare trait. Yet, whether or not you're patient, it's highly unlikely that you just time the market correctly 100% of the time.

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