BTC (Bitcoin) ready to shatter the $42K barrier despite difficult hash rate.

Bitcoin (BTC) is ready to shatter the $42K barrier despite the difficult hash rate

Bitcoin [BTC] has gained 25% in the last week and is now flirting with the $42K mark. The recovery coincides with significant network upgrades. On July 31st, the world’s largest cryptocurrency broke the second-longest sequence of difficulty mining drops. The total was 14.50 T at the time of writing, up 6% from the previous day.

For the first time since China’s crackdown on cryptocurrency mining in May of this year, which led to four straight losses, the uptick was seen. In June and July, it continued to fall as China’s crackdown escalated, forcing miners to flee the country or sell their mining equipment. Because Chinese miners accounted for more than 65 percent of the Bitcoin network’s hash power at the time, the impact was serious.

As Bitcoin miners complete the relocation process, the downward trend begins to reverse

The most significant decrease in mining difficulty came on July 3rd of this year when the rate dropped by 28%. Two weeks later, the Bitcoin network experienced another nearly 5% decrease. The network was revived from the 13 T levels, where it had slipped during the previous adjustment, despite being far from its all-time high of 25.05 T.

BTC difficult line

Several industry analysts have hypothesized that the rapid expansion of mining facilities across North America and the reemergence of Chinese miners via offshore hosting sites are two main factors that have aided the rise in Bitcoin mining difficulty.

BTC hash rate has increased by 27%

Furthermore, this difficulty adjustment essentially signals the start of a hash rate increase in the future year. The BTC hash rate has increased by more than 27% from lows below 85 exahash per second in less than a month. It has been able to maintain its rising trend. Beijing’s assault on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency mining has been nothing short of a disaster for the country’s miners. It might, however, be a stroke of good fortune for miners in other regions of the world.

BTC hashrate

Analysts believe that Bitcoin has passed the minimal low difficulty point and that the network might now begin to trend upwards assuming there are no legislative changes or changes in the BTC price.

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